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Welcome to the Camocam website. We are excited to announce some changes to our product line. We have upgraded to the latest digital technology with the release of the CamoCam 5!


Our specialty is remote outdoor surveillance products.

The CamoCam video monitoring systems have been in production since 1991. The Camocam is a complete video system sold to law enforcement agencies only. The system is a low-powered weather-proof, designed to be left at a site for extended periods to catch events on video. The Camocam is remotely activated using any type of sensor you can imagine. The CamoCam system is one of the most versatile systems on the market today. The Camocam was designed with the user in mind. The size and configured preset modes allow for a quick deployment

This is an event recorder only. No longer will you have to sit through hours of blank video. The unit powers up and records only when triggered so that you only catch the desired events on tape. Used in combination with the right sensors, you will get the minimal false triggers and only get the video of the events that you set the system up to capture.

**Due to the nature of our business, the products offered on these pages, can only be sold to Law Enforcement agencies. Identification is required for all purchases.

Please visit our surveillance products page to learn more about out products and technology.



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